Chanson d’Albert

Did you hear about that girl who knocked me off my feet?
Her beauty made me dream while her karate kick make me bleed
Well, I tried to get a date. I said the magic words
But her answer came across in a way that really hurts

A meaningful relationship, true love until the end
Was all I had to offer her – but she offered violence
Hers punches left me black and blue
Made acquaintance with her high-heeled shoe
Listen man, I’m warning you!

Love hurts!
La-la-la-love hurts!

I saw her at the bay today. Well, she looks like bleach-blond fun
But even in her swimsuit she’s carrying a gun
Long legs and angel lips and her ego’s oversized
But my means of privacy has soon been pulverized (has soon been pulverized)

No meaningful relationship. No love until the end
She broke my heart and then she broke my arm – she’s a little too violent
She is driving everyone insane
All I know is her meaning’s awful pain
Oh no, there she goes again!

Love hurts!
La-la-la-love hurts!